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+597 Photography is the first online art gallery focused solely on photography of and by artists from Suriname. We offer you the possibility to buy these quality artworks online and have these delivered to your house or office.

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After the successful workshop “See the world through your photo lens”, the +597 Photography Foundation is issuing a Global Warming photography contest for kids in Suriname. Kids between 10-13 years can send in ten of their best pictures. Pictures that capture the effects of Global Warming in their own living environment. This can be for instance anything from the effects of plastic waste

"See the world through your photo lens" "See the world through your photo lens" is a new workshop that +597 Photography Foundation is doing in collaboration with Villa Zapakara. During this workshop, children between 10-13 years discover how they can capture the effects of Global Warming in their own living environment.   On the basis of the Professor Naipal Waterpark, one of the eight exhibition parts

Photographers Coco Duivenvoorde and Rafael Jantz have joined +597 Photography The year 2021 has started really well for us. We are beyond proud of the news that photographers Coco Duivenvoorde and Rafael Jantz have joined the team at +597 Photography. Coco Duivenvoorde Coco is our first female photographer and visual artist to join our roster of talents at +597 Photography.⁠ Coco studied documentary photography at the

When you travel into the pure and amazingly beautiful rain forest of Suriname, you can't help to feel a more African vibe rather than a South American one. It is something that keeps overtaking me in a good way, every single time. But it is also the feeling that you are in a time machine, going back into time where there were different

Tourism all over the world has been seriously affected by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Travelling to Suriname was not even possible due to closed borders. But since the Covid situation is under control for some time now, the borders are partially open again. Good news for all my friends and family who are in the colder parts of this world. Longing

How to choose the right size art work for your wall I always say that empty walls are missed opportunities. But filling those empty walls has always been quite a challenge. And size matters when it comes to choosing your art works. The most asked question we get from our customers is "what is the best size for my wall?" Of course this is

Nowadays almost anyone can take a photo and even retouche it with one easy click. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, you can just use your phone to make creative selfies and beautiful abstract compositions. The saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Not everyone has the same ideas about what is attractive. We all see beauty in different things. What stands out to me,

Finding it difficult to choose the right print for your home or office? We at +597 Photography thought we would share some tips to help out. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: Preference What kind of art catches your eye? Do you like landscapes because it calms you or do you prefer looking at people and try to find that persons story? Would