+597 Photography

+597 Photography is the first online art gallery focused solely on photography of and by artists from Suriname. We offer you the possibility to buy these quality artworks online and have these delivered to your house or office.

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+597 Photography

The first online art gallery focused solely on art photography of and by artists from Suriname.

+597 Photography offers you the possibility to buy quality Suriname photography artworks online and have these delivered to your house or office. All artworks are exclusively developed on the highest quality fine art paper and are available in different sizes.

Currently, the + 597 gallery  (+597 is the country code of Suriname) offers the work of six photographers from Suriname – each with their own distinctive style. The photographers have been personally approached and the work carefully selected by the founder and curator.


Our founder Chantal Kartaram is a marketing professional with a deep love for photography and Suriname. With almost 20 years of work experience in the field of art photography, international advertising & design in Europe, she has led many photography projects. Started out as a photography producer in both advertising and fashion, she quickly moved on to be an agent at a renowned international photographers agency. This experience led her to help start up two art photography projects, that both resulted in international recognition: Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson and Streets of The World by Jeroen Swolfs.

Chantal Kartaram, founder +597 PhotographyMoving to her beloved country of birth – Suriname – led to setting up +597 Photography. A way to share her passion for photography in combination with her love for Suriname.

Our photographers

+597 Photography showcases different views of Suriname by talented artists.

+597 Photography proudly represents the work of: Harvey Lisse, Achmed PerotiDion C. HowardFabian Vas, Coco Duivenvoorde and Rafael Jantz. These photographers each have a distinct personal signature style, bringing their own personality and beliefs into their pictures.

Achmed Peroti | Photographer
Coco Duivenvoorde | Photographer
Dion C. Howard | Photographer
Fabian Vas | Photographer
Harvey Lisse | Photographer
Rafael Jantz | Photographer
School Ride | Photo: Rafael Jantz
Home of Heritage | Photo: Dion C. Howard
Suriname Sunsets | Photo: Fabian Vas
Calm Waters | Photo: Fabian Vas
Easeful | Photo: Dion C. Howard
Home is where the heart is | Photo: Harvey Lisse
St Peter and Paul Cathedral | Photo: Rafael Jantz
Masters House | Photo: Dion C. Howard
Green Life | Photo: Fabian Vas
Palulu | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde
Wageningen | Photo: Fabian Vas
Violet Mist | Photo: Rafael Jantz