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+597 Photography is the first online art gallery focused solely on photography of and by artists from Suriname. We offer you the possibility to buy these quality artworks online and have these delivered to your house or office.

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Coco Duivenvoorde | Photographer

Coco Duivenvoorde

Photographer and visual artist Coco Duivenvoorde (1988) studied documentary photography at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Haque, NL (2011) and worked as a theatre photographer for 5 years after her study.

After her Fine Art Master Degree at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, NL (2015) she has traveled for art projects to Indonesia and Suriname. In Suriname she fell in love with the people, nature and the culture and had been living and worked there since 2018. 

Besides her art projects Coco has been actively involved in various cultural foundations in Paramaribo and the interior of Suriname, where she works as a project manager. The Surinamese nature and culture are her greatest source of inspiration.

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Artist’s Work

Boto | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde
Udu | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde
Palulu | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde
Pangi | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde
Switbonki | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde
Fisi | Photo: Coco Duivenvoorde