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How to choose the right size art work for your wall

I always say that empty walls are missed opportunities. But filling those empty walls has always been quite a challenge. And size matters when it comes to choosing your art works. The most asked question we get from our customers is “what is the best size for my wall?” Of course this is different for every room, but we can help you by sharing some tips and tricks for you to choose the right size artwork for your wall. Are you still unable to figure it out? Send us a photo of the room situation and we are happy to think along with you.

Artwork size on your living room wall

Above your couch could be a perfect place for a work of art. A sofa often occupies an important place in the room. So besides choosing the perfect artwork that fits the atmosphere and your personality and taste, the dimensions are also very important. A piece of art that is too small looks delicate. A work that is too large can look messy or overpowering. So which size artwork do you go for?


Make sure that the work is at least two-third of the width of the couch. For instance, if your sofa is 180cm wide, choose a work of at least 120 cm wide (that is 2/3rd of 180 cm).

Make sure you have 30 to 40 cm of space around the work. This breathing space around the work ensures that it does not look too tight. Making the work of art the focal point where your eyes can rest and enjoy the view.

Art at the dining table

The wall by the dining table could also be a nice place for a work of art. The same 2/3rd rule applies. If your table is 150 cm wide, choose a work of at least 100 cm. This rule however does not apply if the work ends up at the short side of the table. In that case we recommend choosing a standing format that is no wider than the table.

Size matters in…art

In the bedroom go for images that make you feel at ease. In terms of size, we recommend that you go for works at least 120 cm wide in case of a double bed.






Feeling a bit more creative, then you can also think of a collage of smaller works in different sizes on the wall. Maybe even try hanging the collage not completely in the middle.